On the Issues


Everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care. I’m fed up with politicians in Washington playing games with our health care.  I’ll always put southern New Mexicans first — that means taking on the pharmaceutical companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs, standing up for our veterans by working to fix the VA, and protecting and strengthening Medicare.

We need an advocate who understands the unique health care needs of rural communities.  On the campaign trail, I met an expectant mother who drives hours for each of her prenatal appointments. She’ll have to make that same trip once she goes into labor.  This isn’t right, and that’s why, in Congress, I’ll work across party lines to expand rural health care access by providing incentives for medical professionals to serve our rural communities.



Quality education will allow us to break the cycle of poverty and enhance our communities. As a product of Las Cruces Public Schools and the daughter of a teacher and National Education Association member, I will be a strong advocate for public education and will fight to ensure that every student—regardless of income, location, or background—has access to an excellent education.

In Congress, I will work to level the playing field.  In southern New Mexico, we have some unique challenges in providing strong public education to our rural and diverse communities. These unique challenges need targeted solutions.  That’s why I’ll fight for increased funding for our public schools so that all students have access to the tools and technology they need to succeed in school and in life.  I’ll work to increase funding for English language learning programs.  I’ll advocate for better pay for teachers so we can retain and attract the best educators to guide our children, and I’ll push to reduce class sizes so every child has the chance to learn. Finally, I’ll invest in early childhood education and work toward universal access to Pre-K for all New Mexican families.



We need to create an economic foundation that gives everyone a fair shot at the American Dream. Politicians in Washington don’t understand our local priorities.  I have spent my career delivering results for southern New Mexico. I fought to protect water for our farmers, to bring new funding and support to New Mexico State University—from STEM education to energy research—and to increase broadband throughout our rural communities. I also worked to protect our public lands because I know that our parks and public lands are not only what makes southern New Mexico so beautiful, but also serve as a significant economic driver for the community.

In Congress, I will fight for living wages for hard working New Mexicans and work with stakeholders to provide incentives to attract businesses that offer good-paying jobs.  I’ll support investment in 21st century infrastructure, from safe roads to broadband and cell phone service. I’ll find creative ways to streamline interaction with government agencies so New Mexico businesses can operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.  And I’ll continue to fight for funding for workforce training and development programs that connect K-12 students to local universities, education programs, and local businesses to prepare New Mexico’s students for the jobs of the future, right here at home.