Learning from you, your families, and neighbors.

Growing up in Las Cruces, I learned the value of hard work, grit, and determination. I brought those values with me when I worked for Senator Tom Udall to expand access to broadband and cell service in rural New Mexico, I use it now in my work as a water attorney -- and I pledge to bring it with me to Congress. I’m looking forward to meeting you as I travel to every corner of this district to listen and learn from you, your families, and neighbors. Your stories and ideas will form the core of our campaign.

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We need voters to know that Xochitl Torres Small has the New Mexican roots and experience to stop Trump’s agenda from hurting New Mexico. She worked for Planned Parenthood, set up Senator Udall’s southern New Mexico’s constituent service office, and protected our water as a water rights attorney. Xochitl has the New Mexican experience to stop Trump.